High-quality driftwood for crafts and home décor.

Growing up on the Chesapeake Bay, boating was a part of life. Every summer the family would gather on the boat to swim, see the sights, and enjoy the beautiful weather. It didn't take long for me to discover that walking a beach, looking at all of the lumber, natural wood, and polished stones was an inspirational experience.

I have finally been able to turn that inspiration into a hobby by collecting choice pieces of driftwood to craft unique home decor pieces, functional art, and various crafts. Every piece I make is hand selected from local beaches before being gently worked into a new piece. My pieces are lightly worked, relying more on the natural beauty of the lines and color variations of the wood than extensive shaping or woodworking. Some pieces are simple, some are more complex, but each and every one is a unique work of art owing more of its charm to the natural process of drying and sun bleaching than to any production techniques.

Please browse our selection of items and stop back often to see new pieces fresh from the beach!

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